Sunflowers for Sustainability:

Carving sunflowers has opened up a new frontier for my floral sculpture. They have such a command for their space that offers a lifetime of sculptural inspiration. The flowers represent to me the strong, independent potential clean energy sources have for getting us on the road towards sustainability. What better symbol of solar energy’s power than the sunflower!

I have developed a ‘Sunflowers for Sustainability’ program where 75% of funds from sunflower sales will be donated to the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to be channeled towards education and lobbying work towards putting a price on carbon.

North Pole

North Pole:

Sumac is a great wood to work with since it doesn’t check as it dries. It also has a greenish tint to the wood that is great for making leaves, and art with unusual wood tones. North Pole is a piece that illustrates the shrinking of the ice caps, a sure indicator of Global warming.

Sea Kelp:

Sea Kelp is an iconic cornerstone of the marine ecosystem. I studied oceanography for several years, and am very aware of the role oceans have played in buffering us from climate impacts. We must change course, however, because, as we are seeing, the mighty ocean is not immune to damaging effects of carbon pollution.

Our Fingerprint

Our Fingerprint:

This incredible shape is the cross-cut of a black locust tree, cut from the property of one of my customers in Freeport, Maine. I often think of the growth rings of a tree as nature’s fingerprint, with a unique configuration for every time period based on temperatures and moisture conditions. It’s compelling to me to consider that growth rings today and over the next century will record temperature and moisture variations that have more to do with man’s impact on the climate than with otherwise natural conditions.




This basswood daisy blossom is safely existing in a solid, wide frame made from a Maine apple tree. Protected from the world’s chaos, it will survive.

Jean Ann Pollard

Earth Love it or Lose it